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Workers Compensation (WorkCover)

If you have been injured at work, or during an authorised (lunch or tea) break, or at a work-related function (including a social event or interstate/overseas trip) you should be entitled to claim compensation for lost wages, loss of superannuation benefits, pain and suffering, medical treatment, home help and gardening expenses, travel costs and associated expenses.

WorkCover is a “no fault” system and you may be entitled to compensation, even if no one was to blame.

If you have suffered serious injury and someone else was (at least partially) to blame, you can make a common law claim and receive damages for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and past and future loss of income.

Whether you already have a claim in the pipeline, or have yet to lodge a WorkCover claim, do not hesitate to seek our advice by contacting Alessi Legal.

Time Limits:
There are time limits for making all claims and many variables affecting the length of time, including the type of accident or injury, where it occurred and the age of the claimant.  For some claims, the time limit cannot be extended.  Call Alessi Legal now to find out what time limits apply to your claim.

No Win, No Charge:
Contact Alessi Legal to enquire about compensation for the injury you have suffered.  We provide a free no-obligation consultation.  If your claim has merit, we will offer a “no win, no charge” arrangement in most cases.  Make an inquiry today.


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